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Basinger Investment Group is a full-service financial planning practice dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and preserve their hard-earned assets. As independent advisors, we represent you the client - and are dedicated to putting your needs first!

Our mission is... "to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients by providing objective advice and customized investment solutions to help them achieve their financial goals."

Top 5 Ways We Help Our Clients

  1. Reduce Risk. Why take on more risk than necessary to achieve your financial goals? We custom tailor portfolios and make use of multiple securities, multiple asset classes and multiple investment styles to diversify and reduce risk.

  2. Reduce Costs. We know that there is “no free lunch”, but we take our responsibility seriously when it comes to selecting cost efficient investments that will provide value to the portfolio. 

  3. Reduce Taxes. When it comes to investing, it’s not just about what you make, but what you keep!  We prefer you keep more of your hard-earned money and can provide tax efficient investment strategies to help you achieve this.

  4. Reasonable Rate of Return. Our experience has shown that consistently hitting singles and doubles instead of swinging for the fences, will win the ball game.  We live in the world of high quality, well capitalized companies, strong balance sheets, increasing profits, reliable dividends…you get the idea! 

  5. Educate & Inform. Finance & investments can be a very complicated and intimidating area of study.  We strive to boil it down to easily understood terms and strategies that will help achieve your goals.  Instilling trust and confidence through effective communication and mutual understanding is our goal!

Every client, every time…we are committed to provide an exceptional client experience! That means attention to detail at every level, pro-active and personal communication with our clients and always a timely response.

Useful Resources

Understanding Equity Compensation

Understanding Equity Compensation

Net Unrealized Appreciation and how it affects tax responsibilities.
What Is a 1031 Exchange?

What Is a 1031 Exchange?

A look at 1031 Exchanges, a real estate investment strategy that may allow you to defer your capital gains taxes.

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