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2018 Outlook – Moving Ahead in an Aging Recovery

As we look ahead in 2018, the global expansion is coordinated but the U.S. expansion is more mature.  The U.S. economy is near full employment, and equity prices appear fully valued.  The cycle's age also may contribute to more market volatility.  Historically, the later years of a U.S. expansion are often among the best for returns but also can be a time when strong sentiment can drive prices ahead of fundamentals.  The primary portfolio challenge for 2018 will be to assess risk and reward more diligently.  Investors should consider looking carefully across asset classes and around the globe.  Read our full report, 2018 Outlook which offers several late-cycle potential opportunities to consider. 

2018 Year-End Forecasts



Fed Rates



We believe the U.S. economy is in the last third of its recovery, with expected GDP growth of 2.6%. We do not expect a recession in 2018.

Inflation is expected to remain low with a year-end target of 2.4%. However, there is the potential that the tax cuts could increase this risk.

We expect the Fed to continue tightening monetary policy slowly and deliberately. We      expect two Fed rate hikes in 2018.

We continue to have a negative outlook for commodities, which are in the 7th year of a bear market that could last 12-15 years.

 We anticipate a pick up in international economic growth in 2018, and favor international over U.S. stocks since they are earlier in their cycle.


We believe that investors should remain well diversified to help mitigate risk, stay fully invested according to their plan, and keep focusing on longer-term goals--while capitalizing upon active management opportunities in 2018.  Check out our report Five Moves that Could Make a Difference in 2018.

Call if you have questions or if you want to discuss whether you need to make adjustments to your investments to help prepare for the months ahead.


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