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2017 Outlook – Seeing Things Differently

2016 was marked by short bursts of volatility, followed by quick reversals. Highlighted by events like “Brexit” and the U.S. election drama; investors soon realized any repercussions in the market were months, if not years away. With nearly all asset classes moving higher, 2016 reminded investors that looking beyond day-to-day volatility matters, when it comes to investment performance. Carrying that lesson into 2017, look for the continuation of many historical market trends, but here are five specific shifts, we believe warrant investors' attention.


2017 Year-End Forecasts



Fed Rates



Consumers are finally benefitting from strengthening employment, wages, and home prices.

Inflation appears to be trending towards a more historically average rate.

Investors may come to anticipate more aggressive Fed rate increases.

Prices appeared to have bottomed, and sideways price action is expected

 Widening income inequality could fuel political discontent.


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